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Talking School Bus Enterprises Inc., the book follows “Dr. E’s” daily route, told from the point of view of Bus #9. Brightly illustrated by Whitney Schmucker and designed for ages 3 to 7, the story goes over bus safety, simple facts and the excitement of the ride.  From minister to psychologist, missionary to bus driver, the Rev. Richard Erickson has held many titles and performed many roles, with his latest — children’s book author — inspired by a bit of each.  “It’s a fun book about all the adventures you go on riding the school bus,” Erickson said. “Kids are looking at these tin boxes and wondering what they are and how do I get on one — they’re fascinated by it. The big kids don’t care — they’re on it every day — but it’s kind of a page-turner for a 7-year-old.”

Half of the proceeds of “School Bus #9: Welcome Aboard” will stay stateside to help fund extracurricular activities or school sports costs for underprivileged local students.

School Bus #9
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Talking School Bus Enterprise Inc is a non-profit 501(C)3 corporation registered with the IRS. Proceeds from the sales of books go to help children.